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Lets get the questions goinnn (:   just another teen tryin' to live life in Eastern Oregon :) I live in a town with roughly two thousand people, not much to do other than drugs, and tumble great things; beautiful men, drugs and other great things! :D


when he thirsty but u tryna get sum shut eye

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For more posts like these, go visit psych2go

Psych2go features various psychological findings and myths. In the future, psych2go attempts to include sources to posts for the for the purpose of generating discussions and commentaries. This will give readers a chance to critically examine psychology.

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"It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see."
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"Smile, you deserve to know it’s okay to be happy."
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Oxy 30 and marbs anyone? 

Oxy 30 and marbs anyone? 

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Double dipped Kief cover Kush. Heaven.

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I think I watched this on my iPad in algebra 2 for two straight weeks on repeat.

Holy fucking shit

aandyy killin me

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson for GQ 2013 

Aaron Taylor-Johnson for GQ 2013 

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